Below are some steps to help you through the order process:

1. Get a Quote

Use our quote generator to choose the quantity, options and services you would like to include in your project.  If you would like expanded information about any of the product options, please view the product page. You will receive an email from a customer service representative after submitting an order for a quote.

2. Add project information

You will be prompted to add information specific to your order.  Please fill out this information completely.  Information includes: order name, shipping address, artist name, album title, mastering information, track listing, licensing and copyright information.  

 3. Check your order status

We will regularly update you through email notifications to let you know where we are in the project and notify you if we need any further information to continue.

4. Receive your order, and start selling your records!

We will notify you when your order has shipped.  Once you sell all your records, you will be able to re-order through MRP.