Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions about our products, services and ordering process.

If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

When you are ready to submit your order or request a quote, please send an email to

What product options do you offer?

More information about records and their specific options can be found on the 12″ vinyl product page here.


How accurate are quotes?

Our quotes are incredibly accurate, taking into account the different options you select for your project.  However, we do not take shipping, production tolerance, or taxes into account. These details will be finalized with you at the end of the ordering process.

What is the production tolerance?

There is always a difference of +/- 10% in materials due to the nature of vinyl production.  This means that MRP may deliver ten percent more or less materials than the number you ordered.  Please keep this in mind when you are placing an order.  If you receive less total records than what you paid for, you will receive reimbursement; if you receive more records, you’ll receive an additional invoice.

How do I pay for my order?

We can issue you a PayPal invoice or you can pay by credit card over the phone.  Please note that all credit card transactions are charged a 4% service fee.

We also accept checks mailed to:

Memphis Record Pressing
3015 Brother Blvd.
Memphis, TN 38133

Unless special arrangements have been made prior to placing your order, payment is due in full before MRP will begin the process of manufacturing your vinyl records.  

How do I submit my artwork?

Once you have created an order with a customer service representative, you can then email your art files to your CSR.  You will receive proofs of your art files before MRP orders the print materials.

View our Art Prep page for information on preparation of your files.

*Please keep in mind that the production tolerance on art files is +/- 10%, and for labels the tolerance is +/- 30%.

How do I submit my audio files?

Once you have created an order with a customer service representative, you can email the WAV and MP3 files to your CSR.

View our Audio Prep page for information on preparation of your files.

Do you issue UPC barcodes?

Yes, for $35 MRP can issue a unique barcode for your project.  Let us know if you need a UPC when placing your order.

Can I re-order?

Yes, you can re-order as often as you need.  Typically the turnaround time is faster too, due to MRP having the stampers for your project already on file.  

When licensing samples, what do I need to do?

MRP must have documentation via an Intellectual Property Rights form proving that you are authorized to produce the licensed content.  MRP requires this IPR form to ensure that no copyright material or other intellectual property rights are infringed upon.  You can download the form here.  The IPR form verifies that you have ownership of the recording; without this, MRP will not press your record.

How much music can I fit on a 12" record?

We strongly advise you do not exceed 22 minutes per side for a 33 ⅓ RPM record.  For 12” LPs with 45 RPM, please do not exceed 16 minutes per side.  Please place your powerful tracks at the beginning of each side.  The conditions for reading vinyl records gets worse as the diameter decreases towards the center of the record.

Are there any minimums?

Due to the nature of work involved in pressing vinyl records, MRP asks that the minimum number of records per order is 300.  

Why do you have a lacquer mastering process when I already had the audio mastered?

You should have your audio mastered and be 100% satisfied with the quality before you send the files to MRP.  Once MRP has your audio, we “cut” a lacquer which represents your audio.  The lacquer mastering represents the audio you mastered in a form that can then be pressed into vinyl once the plates and stampers are made.

What is the matrix number and catalog number?

The matrix and catalog number are usually the same, and are always determined by the record label and musician(s). The catalog number identifies the specific record in a manner conducive with the label’s organizational system.  When it comes to pressing vinyl records, MRP etches the matrix/catalog number in the blank space between the label and the audio grooves. In addition to the matrix/catalog number etched into the record, MRP’s identifying project number will also be etched on each record.

How will my records be shipped?

MRP will ship your records to your distributor.  In certain circumstances, MRP can also ship to a second location.  MRP double boxes all records to ensure their safety in transit.  Typically, 25 single jacket LPs fit in one box, but that number varies depending on your specific order.  FedEx is the preferred carrier at MRP, although a different carrier can be used upon request.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, if your distributor is located internationally, we will ship to them.

Will you store my products?

MRP is busy servicing many labels and musicians to quickly get vinyl records into the hands of eager consumers.  MRP constantly has product coming in and out of our warehouse, and we do not have room for storage.  We ask that you keep this in mind when scheduling your records to be pressed.